The Fear Of Life Is The Door To Death

"how to control anxiety"If you fear every single event in life, you might as well open up the door to death. There’s not one reason I can think of for person to live their life completely scared of every single event that might occur. If you live your life dictated by fear and circumstance you’ll never progress, you remain in the same position you were in last year and the year before that. The best thing for you to do as a person is to look forward and think about the things that you enjoy and the people that you love. Having no love in your life at all could be the number one reason why you have so much fear in your life. If this is your circumstance you can do something to change it, the best thing to do to change these types of circumstances, open yourself up to love and happiness. A lot of people are close minded, and we’re incredibly close minded you also close your heart. Once a person closes their heart is impossible to let anyone in so every single battle is fought alone.

The Number One Culprit For Chronic Illness

"dealing with anxiety"The Number One Culprit For Chronic Illness is stress and anxiety. It turns out that they found the link between stress, anxiety and depression, by finding this link they think they’ll be able to create more effective medication for those that suffer from anxiety. It turns out depression directly is related to anxiety and stress, stress and anxiety in turn causes depression and then depression causes various issues within the body. Scientists believe that depression is the number one cause for all chronic illness within the body, because of this they located the molecule directly connected to anxiety and stress. Now they’re able to manipulate this molecule with medications, creating a better line of anxiety medication. This new batch of anti-anxiety medication will reduced panic attacks and various other anxiety disorders.

Everything Bad Already Happened

"how to deal with anxiety"Anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder concentrate on the what if factor of life. So what is this what if factor of life that can lead to a panic attack? It’s when a person is constantly thinking about what might happen and what can occur throughout the day, when a person is so concerned with what might happen and what’s going to happen, they in turn bring those thoughts into reality. Once these things are in your life they take on shape and form, they manifest themselves into people’s lives and become a permanent fixture, making your reality already planned. Whatever you think about actually comes true reality, depression and stress can sometimes make that sound like a fairytale, but realistically when you plan for the worst doesn’t it occur, so obviously whatever you think about affects reality.
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