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Depression has no place in your life. Depression has pretty much no place in one’s life whatsoever. You should avoid depressing situations at all costs. Social anxiety disorder and a panic attack how to deal with anxiety? The fact that the majority of the world is actually depressed, shows you the condition of our society. Our society is pretty much designed to put you through the most stress possible. This process is to help weed out those who don’t have the resolve to strive above their circumstances and rise to the occasion. Those who have the resolve to rise to the occasion, will eventually become the most powerful and elite members of our society. These members of our society don’t necessarily feed into stress, so therefore they never feel depression. They believe in themselves they believe in their ability to do the job. Even though the job may be stressful, they never let the stress of the job put them in a position of depression. Because of this these elite members of society will earn the most and become the most famous and prominent members of the world. Not because they were born in super powerful circumstances, or inherited this huge fortune. Those who truly are strong, are the ones who will become the super elite, because they always believed in themselves they always believed in a higher power. Belief is the strongest force in the universe, and if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth the only thing you believe in, is that the world owes you something. Those who come from nothing those who come from the depths of hell are the ones who believe, those are the ones with the endless potential, will they make this world into a better place or into a worse place. It really depends on what it is that you believe in, because any determination will wield results if it’s a unbreakable determination, if you’re determined to take over a small country and you never stop, eventually you’re probably takeover that small country. This power has two sides good and evil which ever side has the most determination and belief decided who will come out on top, but if you let the stress of life knock you down you put yourself in what we like to call the bench position because those who are depressed ride the bench of life. Life’s bench keeps you out of the game when you’re out of the game you can’t complain. For more information on this topic please Click Here!


So you’ve been in a traumatic situation. Ever since you been in this big dramatic situation you’re scared of anything concerning that situation. So say you are in a traumatic car crash, now you’re unable to get in a car. Every time you think about a car you think about the crash, you think about how hurt you were, and how you thought you would lose your life in that moment. So therefore you’re unable to enter the car, your unable to get near a car, look at a car. Every time you think about going somewhere you become paranoid. Maybe you are able to drive a car, but the thought of getting on the freeway terrifies you to the point where you almost want to throw up. You’re afraid for your safety, you’re also afraid for the safety of the people around you. Even if someone else is driving, it’s still incredibly scary for you, the lack of control would make you even more uncomfortable.
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Your anxiety is built up to a level in which the fears become more than just a reality. The best thing for you to do is slowly little by little, face your fear. Try playing a video game that involves driving, little by little keep playing this game. After a long time of playing this game, try playing it with one of those steering wheel controllers with the gas pedal. Keep doing this until you become more and more comfortable. After that maybe go and drive some go carts, keep driving these go carts till you feel incredibly comfortable in them, drive till your actually having fun. Then after that try driving a car, but don't drive just anywhere, maybe in a parking lot. After you get comfortable driving the car in the parking lot, try to drive into town maybe just your neighborhood. Do this on a daily basis until you become familiar with it, after you become comfortable with that maybe try to drive your car to the next city. Make sure you have someone in the car with you so you feel comfortable. Then once you build up enough confidence and your over the fear, take her out to the freeway, get on and then get off on the next exit. Keep getting on and getting off of the next exit until your comfortable, then get on the freeway and get off on the third exit, and then get on the freeway drive until you get to the fourth exit. Keep doing this every day until you become comfortable enough to drive on the freeway until you reach your destination this is how to stop anxiety and a panic attack, this is the best anxiety medication. For more information on this topic please Click Here!


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People ask me all the time, how is it dealing with someone with bipolar? How is it to be around that person 24 hours a day and deal with there constant mood change? Is it hard to keep your cool and try to help this person when it seems like the only thing they’re trying do is make you feel like crap? To answer these questions, I say one thing, It takes patience, it takes a hell of a lot of patients! To deal with someone who has bipolar disorder, you have to have an extreme amount respect and love for that person, because it’s absolutely no telling what they will say to you at any given point in time. You must practice anti anxiety meditation especially if this person likes to drink, that only intensify their disorder. They will say pretty much anything that’s on their minds, and they will get overly excited in aggressive about it, and yell and scream to the top of their lungs about situations that you find incredibly petty, and you just don’t understand where they’re coming from at all, but they’re so passionate and angry about the circumstances, that you can’t help but think they are right. Realistically most of the time, no their not right, if they cannot help our control their emotions so they take things to extreme, that’s realistically not necessary most of the time. This extreme can have an adverse effect on you, you might need anxiety medication because now you find yourself taking things to the extreme with them and yelling back and forth with them. You don’t want to sit there and just let someone yell at you any kind of way. Most likely you react in a incredibly negative way, as soon as someone comes at you with a situation that you consider to be pure bull. When dealing with anxiety and bipolar, the best thing for you to do, is just ignore them and walk away if you can. He who arguers with himself, arguers with no one. All that person wants to do is get the emotional stresses building up in them out, so most of the time they’ll use any situation to release the stress that’s building up inside of them. Just let them get it out, but they’ll have to get it out alone once you leave the situation. Go about your business and don’t feed into the negativity that only intensifies their emotional reaction. It will only make them more angry and only put them in a state of mind, to feel as if you’re the enemy, even if you’re there closest ally friend or family. For more information on this please Click Here!


Oh no I just mention the S word, stress! Stress the most powerful force known the man. Stress can ruin your life, social anxiety disorder can turn you into an incredibly boring dull person. Stress weakens the mind and also weakens the body, because without the mind being strong, so it can tell the body when you give up and when to continue, the body is completely and utterly useless, just a giant sack of meat.
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When stress takes a hold you’re pretty much done. Anxiety puts you in a position, where you stress about every single thing no matter what it might be, no matter how small it might be your nervousness makes you stress over it, and think about it over and over again. What could go wrong, how could it go wrong, how to prevent it, what if what I do to prevent it doesn’t actually work, These questions makes the situation even worse than it was before. These small thoughts in your mind become repetitive, you repeat them in your head over and over, day by day slowly changing your paradigm to a one track mind, a mind full of stressors. Anxiety disorders causes stress, stress causes depression and can lead to a panic attack, and on top of that a whole super list of headaches. If you have anybody in your life that you care about that actually isn’t causing you stress, to keep them in your life the best thing for you to do is, to stop worrying about every single little thing and just concentrate on how that person makes you feel. Try to help that person make the best of their life, try to make that person feel the way they make you feel by not worrying about small insignificant things, and instead empowering them and yourself. There’s nothing worse than two or more people that are stressed out at the same time, it just gives stress more and more power, because you guys just increase each others stress. So the best thing for you to do, definitely is to erase anyone in your life that is in a stressful place, and isn’t willing to help themselves or you. Because that's the last thing you need, on a day-to-day basis, especially in this day and age, someone who's stressed out about a bunch of bull and wants to bring their stress down on you. So the best thing to do is to avoid these depressing people, and instead help those in your life that are not depressed the people that are positive in their ways will rub off on you. For more information please Click Here!

Bipolar Disorder

I’m happy now I’m sad, now I’m angry, this is a small example of bipolar disorder. When your anxiety kicks up to a level that is beyond that of normal range such as social anxiety disorder or your having a panic attack, each situation  your in, or subject brought up becomes more unreadable, you don’t know whether to be angry about them, sad about them, or happy about it. Your emotions get mixed up in a complete jumble, making you react to situations unfavorably. This is bipolar disorder, a person that pretty much has no control over their overactive emotions which is, anger sadness and joy. One moment you’re in a situation where you’re completely reasonable person to converse with, the next moment you’re yelling at the top or your lungs and trying to fight everyone. Extreme anxiety means, your unsure of yourself so you react emotionally to almost any circumstance. Learning how to stop anxiety might be the key to victory in this situation.
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Their reactions become more unpredictable, when someone brings up a situation that concerns your anxiety, like you being very nervous about the fact that you are starting a new job, now someone brings up your new job, you flip out completely. Anxiety is taking control, you don’t know how react favorably to any situation. You become incredibly unpredictable, a emotional loose cannon. Getting feelings like this under control, is something that is far more difficult than just dealing with regular anxiety. Once your anxiety puts you in a position where, you have a slight case of bipolar disorder you definitely need some help. Like I always say you can help yourself, and the best way to do that is to take charge of your mind and what you think about. You’re your own person, when you let your thoughts get out of hand, they pretty much do what they want to, so now you mind is on autopilot. I always say once a person is on autopilot, that person doesn’t have control over their life. When you lose control of your life, you lose control of your dreams and your reality. Nothing seems real, everything seems like it wasn't your decision, everything that happens is a surprise. Your girlfriend left you, you can’t believe your family turn their back on you, you can’t believe anything because you never made any of those decisions. Your unconscious mind begins to make every single decision for you. Now you’ve lost control of your day-to-day activities, you basically turned yourself into a android. You’re a android now with a permanent program, and the only way to erase that program is by taking your mind back and placing a new program in its place, a positive one. for more information on this topic please Click Here!

Depression Test

Anxiety the road to depression. Anxiety is brought on by extreme stress and dealing with anxiety. Because anxiety is brought on by extreme stress, extreme anxiety can cause extreme depression. Your anxiety is incredibly out-of-control, you’ll start to become depressed because your constantly worried about things, that necessarily don’t matter. Your worry about these things, will put you in a position in which you start to hate the way you think. Once you start to hate the way you think, he started become incredibly depressed. Your depressed with the things that you worry about, but most of all your depressed with yourself because of your lack of self-control.You put yourself in a position in which, you are unable to take control of the slightest situation. Because of this, you’ll start to lose focus and become weak. This very weakness that I speak I will affect your work performance, and even your sexual performance with your partner.
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When these things start to affect your performance, and your everyday life, they become issues as well you might have to take anxiety medication. Your boss is upset with you now because your work performance is less than satisfactory. Your spouse becomes upset with you because of your performance in the bedroom is unsatisfactory. These things start to affect your confidence in ways that make you uncomfortable with pretty much any situation that has to do with you going the extra mile. So to test for depression and anxiety test is the first thing you should do, is look at the things that worry you so much the very things that cause your anxiety, name them off one by one, and see how depressed the mention of them makes you. This will show you how much your anxiety is affecting you. Once you can gauge just how bad your anxiety is, you can gauge how bad your depression is, or if your depressed at all. To avoid all these circumstances, expect the best from yourself. Expect the best of yourself and everyone around you, by expecting the best in yourself, and everyone around you, you’re pitting a positive vibe into the air, this can affect everyone around you and yourself. It’s better to think about the best case scenario, instead of concerning yourself with the worst-case scenario. By concern yourself with the worst-case scenario 24 hours a day, you pretty much take the fun out of life in general. For more information on this topic please Click Here!

Anxiety Attack

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Anxiety and you. A anxiety attack is nothing to be played with. Once you build up multiple stressors, and put the mind in a stressful position, your overwhelmed by the amount of things you’re worried about, you’ve just activated a anxiety attack. You really should take a anxiety test and learn how to deal with anxiety and how to control anxiety What is a anxiety attack? Its started when you become incredibly paranoid and nervous. You also can hyperventilate as well. Usually when an anxiety attack happens, it’s because of extreme stress, this situation overloads everything. Once this pressure comes about and overloads the mind, the mind reacts by setting off a chain reaction throughout the entire body. This realistically is just assigned show you that you need to make a change your life. You see your mental stability affects you more than you think. The body becomes sick ill and weak, when you’re in a negative space in your mind. These are signs to show you, you’re not living right, you need to make a change in your life immediately. If you don’t make this change in your life, you can put yourself in a life-threatening position. Better to think about things that will help you, stop stressing about things that will only put you in a position of extreme anger and discomfort. While in a position of extreme anger and discomfort, the only thing that you can think about is all the negative circumstances in your life, and all these negative circumstances in your life would take over your everyday activity, making you nothing more then a victim. You never want to be a victim, you always want to take control of your life and everything in it. Take control of everything in life, reach for your dreams. If you don’t take control of your life, then you’re pretty much just going to live out your days on autopilot. Being on autopilot is probably the worst thing you can do when it comes to life. You always want to be behind the wheel understand the treachery that is life. Once you put yourself in a position where you worry about things to much, it changes your paradigm. When a person has a shift in paradigm, subconsciously they become a different person. So on the surface they may think about bettering themselves, but subconsciously they’re only thinking about failure. You must shift your paradigm, and the only way to do this is through repetition. Repeat to yourself throughout the day whatever my mind thinks about it brings about. By repeating this phrase to yourself day by day you eventually you will shift your paradigm into a positive light. If you would like to learn more about this topic please Click Here!

Panic Attack

Intense fear of everything going wrong. This is what a panic attack is, it’s just fear. You plan a vacation, your on a boat full of endless people, you just saw the Titanic before you left, the boat rocks a little bit. After this happens you instantly have a panic attack, simply because you build up an extremely large amount of fear within your mind. This clearing your mind thing, is important because your fear can take physical form, so now it’s become a real. You’re unable to deal with the reality of the situation, so you freak out. Take control of your mind, and take control the situation, though they shouldn't have that much of a hold over you. A panic attack is fear, fear of what might come to pass, it’s the fear of the future.
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A panic attack is simply your nervous system reacting to your thoughts. Therefore focus your thoughts on the positive, there would be no panic. You should always think of things in a positive light. Fear and anxiety is the driving force behind a severe panic attack. When a person is dealing with anxiety, they put themselves in the position, which they can no longer control their bodies or their mind. Once a person lose control of their body and their mind, they pretty much lose control of their life in general. Once you have no control of your life, you fear everything. If you’ve ever been victimized, you know this fear very well. And because of it you feel like you’ve lost control of your life, and therefore you panic over any small and insignificant situation. The situation can be controlled and manipulated by you, just take control of your mind and focus on that which you enjoy, that in which you want not that in which makes you un easy or fearful. Take back your life, take back your circumstances, take back your family, confront fear for what it is. This is a illusion that we create in our own minds, and by continually giving this illusion power, it becomes a reality, we need to embrace anti anxiety. Because whatever we think about, we bring about, buy thinking about fear we put ourselves in situations that would cause us to be scared. If we concentrate on joy, fear would have no place in our lives. So therefore the decision is simple, just focus on the things that you want, not the things that you don’t want. For more information on this topic please Click Here!

Anxiety Disorders

So you’re moving to a new home. You have a lot of questions, will I fit in with the people in this neighborhood, will they understand me, will i fine friends? All very understandable questions a person wants to know the unknown especially when it comes to dealing with anxiety. We don’t like to be in the dark about anything. Not knowing the environment and how one interacts with your personal beliefs, Is very scary. Thinking about it becomes a habit, and as it becomes a habit, you paint a more negative picture of it every time you think about it. You enjoy the place that you’re in, you love the people that you’re around. You think if I start over, and move somewhere else, will I truly fit in the way I fit in here? Will I have a large group of friends that understand me and know me? Will I be able to find love in this new location? These are all great questions, but if we dwell on these questions, and
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continue to paint them in a negative light, most likely, will meet with very negative circumstances. If we think positively about are new home, and we make the best of it, it probably can become a better place then where we are now. Moving is a part of life, rarely do we stay in one place for the duration of our entire existence. Humans move around. We go from one place to another searching for a true home. Eventually we find somewhere that we truly belong. It has nothing to do with the city, or the buildings, or even the neighborhood. The biggest concern about anywhere that you move, is the people. The people make up society, not the buildings, not the homes but the people. As long as they’re good people you’ll be fine. There’s nothing to worry about, move on with your life and enjoy yourself. There’s nothing like a fresh start, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. When you let anxiety disorders get the best of you, you start to think negatively of the places you’re going, you put your vibe in a bad place causing your new neighbors to be uncomfortable with you. Approach every situation with an open mind. Give your new neighbors a chance, they might turn out to be great people. You might find someone that you truly care for, that truly understand you, and truly loves you for who you are. You might stop that from happening, by letting your anxiety get the best you. For more information on this topic please Click Here!

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When you worry about an issue or multiple issues for six months or more, you have generalized anxiety disorder. Once you’re in a position of generalized anxiety disorder, your prone to a panic attack and anxiety attacks. One by one these articles will discuss, individual issues that lead to social anxiety disorder. Starting a new job. You are starting a new job, your incredibly nervous, what if I mess up, what if I don’t understand the work? What if I don’t get along with my boss?
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Or even worse what if I don’t get along with my coworkers? What if they hate me? What if I get fired the first day? People that worry too much, bring too much stress on the body, and once you start to worry about one thing, there’s nothing stopping you from worrying about others. Little by little these things pile on top of each other. You reach a point when you’re just generally nervous about pretty much everything. At this point, you’re heading towards depression, because your anxiety disorder has got completely and utterly out of hand. You must not worry, you must have faith in yourself, and your ability to do better in life. By having this faith there is nothing you cant do. Just say to yourself, when I go to work today, I’m gonna make sure I do my best, I am going to impress everybody in the building, I will make sure to leave out knowing that I gave it my best shot. When I go to work today, I go completely confident, I go knowing im the best man for the job, I go knowing that I deserve this. When you think positively, anxiety has no place in your life. Anxiety is something I like to call the what if factor. What if I fail, what if things don’t go right, what if someone gets in my way? If you live in the what if universe, then you basically lost the fight against life. Because whatever you think about you bring about, if you think about failure than you bring about failure. So why not think about success, why not think about winning, why not think about going to the top. This seems so far away from our minds, all we do is worry worry worry. Worrying leads to stress and stress leads to depression but depression’s best friends is anxiety. How to deal with anxiety, relax and enjoy life, it doesn’t last forever and if you spend it worrying about things going wrong, then most likely things will go wrong. If you would like to learn more about this please Click Here!
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