The Fear Of Abandonment Separation Anxiety!!!

"anti anxiety"Some people have really bad separation anxiety, it’s very difficult for them to see someone else go whether it be willingly or unwillingly. It’s really hard especially if your mother and you have children and they decide to go with her father instead of staying with you. That level of separation will cause ah extreme amount of stress that could be fatal to a person if not kept under wraps. A person with separation anxiety needs to be watched because when someone leaves their life they go into an incredibly depressed mood and it can be life-threatening in some situations.

Your Son Has OCD!!!

"dealing with anxiety"So your son has a case of OCD, it’s not extreme like he's checking things 17 times but he is just overly clean about every single situation. At first it seems like a good thing simply because you don’t have to cleanup behind him on any occasion. But then things got out of hand because he’s cleaning pretty much most of the day and not necessarily enjoying his life or having any fun whatsoever. You start to notice that he’s more focused on cleaning his room then he is leaving it and actually going outside and enjoying the outdoors.

It’s Getting Closer O No Here It Comes, Big Truck Anxiety!!!

"anxiety disorders"Every time you drive you see those big huge trucks and you freeze up, you’re driving capabilities become impaired and you drive like a scared monkey. You can’t stand the sight of those huge 18 wheelers they look like big dinosaurs on wheels to you and you swear they can swallow your car and kill you. If you keep doing this every time you see  one you’re going to run into the truck or into another car. Either way your gonna cause a huge issue if you keep doing this, you need to focus on the road not where the trucks might be or where there coming from.

Your Anxiety Slows Your Day Down!!!

"how to control anxiety"Your anxiety gets in the way of every single activity that you have during the day, no matter what it might be your always thinking twice about every single situation. Because of this constant second-guessing yourself, you never get task done on time because you’re nervous about doing things incorrectly or that you already have done things incorrectly so you double check. By doing this over and over again your day gets slowed down completely, if you have a family this could become very inconvenient for them, over time they’ll be behind on many things because of you.

Situational Anxiety Strikes Again!!

"how to deal with anxiety"You’re not necessarily a very nervous person, but in certain situations you can be incredibly uncomfortable. Your situational anxiety is triggered in various situations that you don’t necessarily know how to deal with. Like in a situation where you and your girlfriend accidentally run into her dad and you’ve never met him before, a normal person would be nervous in this situation anyway but because you have situational anxiety this has completely paralyzed your thought process.

Opposite Sex Anxiety!!!

"anti anxiety"Your pretty much incapable of talking to the opposite sex, every time you’re around the opposite sex you get nervous an jittery and you’re incapable of coming up with the proper thoughts to produce credible conversation. Because of this you come off very strange and weird and unappealing, if you don’t relax an get your thoughts together you'll never be able to interact with the opposite sex in a way that is attractive. Being nervous and letting your anxiety build up is the easiest way to repel the opposite sex, this works on both sides of the field but is more common in men.

The Does He Know Anxiety!!!

"dealing with anxiety"As women get older they go through dramatic life experiences just like we all do, but some women go through very confidence crippling situations. For some reason when they come around the majority of men, they always have the does he know anxiety. The does he know anxiety is when a woman feels like a man knows that she’s not confident or that she’s been raped or that she's been abused. Because of this she is very shy and insecure around men, she thinks that all guys can see the weakness in her and will try to take advantage of that.

The Trust You Never Had!!!

"social anxiety disorder"No matter what you can’t seem to trust anybody in your life, you have absolutely no trust for anyone that inters life whatsoever. This can be a good thing but when it becomes ah issue of anxiety it’s not such a good thing, if the only reason why you’re not trusting new people is because of paranoia, then that is unhealthy. Being incredibly paranoid about every single situation and every person that inters your life isn’t a good thing.

The Shy Defense Code!

"how to control anxiety"Most people are incredibly shy because they don’t know how to interact with others without getting attacked. But their definition of attack means slight little jokes here there, and because they have absolutely no defense against these jokes they don’t like to be around other people because they’re incredibly sensitive. Now the shy defense isn’t telling you to be a very defensive person, this defense is being able to come back at people when they try to throw sharp remarks at you, you have to poses the confidence to be able to go back and forth with somebody in a playful way, they’ll respect you much more for it.

The Power Of Virtual Anxiety!!!!

"dealing with anxiety"This version of anxiety is when a person builds up a large amount of stress due to playing video games or being involved in a social network. Either you’re playing video games and your continuously losing over and over again causing you to stress out completely and act irrational towards your family members. Or you’re on a social network an your getting into some strange situations and conversations that are causing you an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. No matter which one of these is present we should try to avoid them, it’s bad enough dealing with real stress in reality but having to deal with virtual stress is another problem.

Sibling Rivalry Or Anxiety?

"how to stop anxiety"Are you trying to compete with your sibling because of their accomplishments, or is it because you think your parents will never love you as much as they love him. A lot of the times it may seem like your kids are  competing with each other because they just want to be the best, but realistically there just competing for your respect and your love. They just want to impress you this isn’t a personal thing between the child and his brother this incorporates you as well as a parent. We have to watch out for this and be aware that the child might be trying to overachieve simply because they want to compete for your affection.

What Is Meal Preparation Anxiety?

"anti anxiety"This is something that I noticed happens in large families, as soon as it’s dinnertime all the kids swarm into the kitchen as if the other children are going to take their portion of the food. They all run into the kitchen immediately running around with their plates with nervous looks on their faces, they think the others might get more food than them so they constantly pay attention to how the food is divided. As I said before meal anxiety is very common but you should try to stop it at an early age the last thing you want is your children fighting over food.

What Is Disorganized Anxiety?

"anxiety test"Disorganized anxiety is when ah person is incapable of putting things in the right place, they’re always scrambling for what it is they want, they become very nervous because they can’t find things in time. These people are unable to organizing anything they are completely scatterbrained and all over the place all the time. Because of this they stress about every single situation because of the disconnect with their own schedule and life. If you’re not able to relax and calm down and organize your world so that everything is accessible to you, small things pile up and turn into huge things instantly.

The Stress Of Crowd Anxiety!!

"how to deal with anxiety"Some people are incapable of being around large crowds of people, it makes them very uncomfortable and unsure, this is what I like to call crowd anxiety. Crowed anxiety is when ah person fears large bundles of people in one place, even though these people don’t know each other just the fact that their in ah crowd is unsettling. If a person suffers from anxiety they definitely don’t like crowds of people that interact with one another, this makes them even more nervous.

Stop Worrying About Who Likes You!!

"dealing with anxiety"Stop concerning yourself with whether someone likes you or not, by always worrying about if someone has taken alike to you you never truly find a way to like yourself. That's not ah good way of dealing with anxiety and social anxiety disorder and anti anxiety. You measure how you feel about yourself depending on who likes you and who doesn’t like you instead of measuring how you feel about yourself based on you loving you. You have to have a healthy respect and love for yourself instead of worrying about various individual people liking you or not, stop trying to please everyone else or to fit into some sort of weird arrangement.

What Is Boss Anxiety?

"how to stop anxiety"What is boss anxiety, well it’s when a person is incapable of communicating properly with their superior. Boss anxiety is when every time your superior comes around your incredibly nervous and you do not communicate with him properly, and this is very common but the only problem with this is if you have a boss that likes to take advantage of people he definitely will point you out as a victim. Most likely you will become a person that is easily manipulated into doing more work than you’re getting paid for.

What Is Intellectual Anxiety?

"dealing with anxiety"Intellectual anxiety is when ah person is afraid to join the conversation because of lack of knowledge or fear of embarrassment. Your not versed on a large number of topics so when people are having a conversation you fear joining in because you don’t want to sound or look ignorant. Therefore you most likely stay out of the majority of conversations you like to remain on the sidelines among people and if they asked for your opinion you simply pass the torch to someone else.

Relax Your Not Drowning It’s Just Ah Shower

"how to deal with anxiety"Ah lot of people feel like they are drowning when they’re just taking a shower, when the water touches your face relaxed and calm down and remember this water can be controlled. This kind of anxiety is very common one wouldn’t think it is seeing as everyone takes a shower, but a lot of people feel uncomfortable in the shower simply because of an extremely large fear of water. These people aren’t capable of taking baths because pools of water make them uncomfortable they fear this, so when there in the shower and the water starts getting in their face they feel as if they’re being drowned.

The Power Of Electric Anxiety!!!

"anxiety test"What is electric anxiety? It’s when ah person is afraid of anything that has to do with electricity whether it be a socket in the wall or lightning and thunder outside. It doesn’t  matter what it might be this person is incredibly afraid of electricity and being shocked, a common everyday electrostatic shock makes this person incredibly uncomfortable. They hate static electricity and anything that has to do with ah thunderstorm, when ah thunderstorm is happening they are incredibly afraid not because of the loud noises but because they think that they’re going to get shocked.

Ablutophobia The Fear Of Bathing

"anxiety medication"I cover this topic previously but I was talking about the fear of the shower in your face because it produces a feeling of drowning in some individuals, but this is a different story. Ablutophobia Is a person who has an actual fear of bathing, it either comes from a childhood experience, a dramatic event that happened to a friend or family member, or watching a scary movie at a early age. Some people watch movies where victims get attacked in the shower and start to have a permanent fear, this could spark Ablutophobia.

The Shadow Of Anxiety

"how to stop anxiety"This is when your in ah situation where you don’t like to be around your older sibling or a friend of yours in crowds, simply because they gain all the attention and you feel as if you’re in their shadow. They have a very enlightening personality and they seem to stand out in various situations and you don’t want them stealing your shine from you, so you don’t like to be around them when you’re with your friends or meeting new people. Your anxiety starts to kick in if they tell you that they’re going to be in the same building or party that you’re going to and because you know there’s a likelihood they might meet your friends.

The Pitfalls Of Addiction

"social anxiety disorder"Your anxiety can easily build up causing you to fall into a pitfall of addiction, to prove that you’re down with any movement you try any drug. If you’re in a situation where a lot of people were trying different types of drugs an your trying to prove that you’re down with the movement, you’re pretty much willing to injected or use anything. This is incredibly ignorant because now you destroy your life and your future just to prove to some individuals that you are quote on quote cool.

The Prime Example Of Pride!!

"anxiety disorders"Pride is a very powerful thing if you use it to your advantage but it can be a weakening factor if you use it all the time. Having pride in one’s work and pride in one’s family is a great thing but having too much pride in oneself can be debilitating. Having too much pride in oneself can weaken your development causing you to fall behind the times and not necessarily move forward in life. Having too much pride and your believes can be the number one reason why you never learn anything new in life and never grow and become stuck in your ways at a early age.

Confrontation Equals More Frustration

"panic attack"Confrontation causes more frustration, the more confrontation that you bring to the situation the more frustration that comes from the situation. The best thing for you to do is dodge frustration and move towards a confirmation this will help you through slight persuasion to elevate the situation. I little rhyme scheme for you in the beginning but you get the point, if you continue to add confrontation to every single situation that you’re in it only makes things worse. Maybe try to solve things with a more delicate touch, because all you’re doing is making yourself stressed in adding stress to other individuals that are within your life.

You Got So Nervous Then You Ran!!

"social anxiety disorder" You got into a situation you became nervous and you ran, now most of you are thinking, maybe it was a confrontational situation? But it wasn’t a confrontational situation, a friend invited you out to an event, your social anxiety kicked in, you were no longer able to be at the event so you pretty much ran from it. Now that’s incredibly embarrassing for your friend but because he respects you and likes you he chased after you and tried to bring you back to the event, at this moment you have a choice.

Do You Feel More Alone Than Ever?

"anxiety medication" Do you feel more alone than you’ve ever felt? It seems were more connected than we ever have been, people from around the world can easily connect to one another through social media and various other online devices. But despite that it seems like were more alone than we’ve ever been, it seems like the social media interactions have taken away from real life interactions. Were so concerned with our online image when were out with friends the only thing we do is check our online profiles and make sure we stay up-to-date.

Concentration Is Detrimental To Make It!

"how to control anxiety" Concentration is detrimental to make it, you must move forward with a huge focus otherwise you will become lazy and weak. Now don't have ah panic attack social anxiety disorder cant hurt you if you focus you can get pass anxiety disorders. If you don’t have an extreme amount of focus and concentration there is no future for your dreams. You must have an endless dedication to focusing on that in which you wish to accomplish and that requires an extreme amount of concentration on your definite purpose and goal.

The Diaries Of Regrets!!!

"dealing with anxiety" The diaries of regrets are pages written in stone by the dead who regret pretty much every decision that they made during their life on this planet. If you leave nothing behind but negativity you leave no legacy behind whatsoever. When you start dealing with anxiety you'll learn how to stop anxiety with anti anxiety methods ] Your family will forget your existence and eventually move forward in time erasing you from their memory and from the memories of future generations. Negative people are individuals that others do not want to remember so they tried to erase them from time unless their impact of negativity was extreme such as Hitler’s impact on history.

The Imagination Of Ah Loser

"anxiety disorders" The imagination of a loser is a complex universe in which everything is full of obstacles. Because a loser is incapable of imagining the outcome of his life ending up in a good position without putting millions of obstacles in front of his way, he is unable to achieve anything. The imagination of the loser doesn’t see the dream, it sees everything that’s blocking the dream, every excuse that he can make for why he hasn’t achieved the dream.

Do You Hate Him or You?

"panic attack" Do you dislike everything about this person or is it that this person reminds you of every single aspect of yourself. And seeing as you might not like yourself this person reminds you of you, see you hate him because you hate you. This is an interesting scenario to be in unrealistically a lot of people out there don’t like themselves because they’ve been through traumatic events or because of ah horrible upbringing or lack of resources. It doesn’t matter what the situation might be you simply hate this person because he reminds you of all the negative aspects of yourself.
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