"panic attack"/
Depression has no place in your life. Depression has pretty much no place in one’s life whatsoever. You should avoid depressing situations at all costs. Social anxiety disorder and a panic attack how to deal with anxiety? The fact that the majority of the world is actually depressed, shows you the condition of our society. Our society is pretty much designed to put you through the most stress possible. This process is to help weed out those who don’t have the resolve to strive above their circumstances and rise to the occasion. Those who have the resolve to rise to the occasion, will eventually become the most powerful and elite members of our society. These members of our society don’t necessarily feed into stress, so therefore they never feel depression. They believe in themselves they believe in their ability to do the job. Even though the job may be stressful, they never let the stress of the job put them in a position of depression. Because of this these elite members of society will earn the most and become the most famous and prominent members of the world. Not because they were born in super powerful circumstances, or inherited this huge fortune. Those who truly are strong, are the ones who will become the super elite, because they always believed in themselves they always believed in a higher power. Belief is the strongest force in the universe, and if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth the only thing you believe in, is that the world owes you something. Those who come from nothing those who come from the depths of hell are the ones who believe, those are the ones with the endless potential, will they make this world into a better place or into a worse place. It really depends on what it is that you believe in, because any determination will wield results if it’s a unbreakable determination, if you’re determined to take over a small country and you never stop, eventually you’re probably takeover that small country. This power has two sides good and evil which ever side has the most determination and belief decided who will come out on top, but if you let the stress of life knock you down you put yourself in what we like to call the bench position because those who are depressed ride the bench of life. Life’s bench keeps you out of the game when you’re out of the game you can’t complain. For more information on this topic please Click Here!
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