Why do people have social anxiety

"Why do people have social anxiety" Why do people have social anxiety. People have social anxiety simply because they been through dramatic situation in life, if they haven’t been through a dramatic situation they definitely had a lot of negative social interactions with people over time, because of these negative social interactions with the majority of the people they’ve known throughout their life, they become incredibly shy and don’t necessarily want to interact with other people, this is called social anxiety disorder. Learning how to deal with anxiety or learning how to stop anxiety isn’t the easiest task, especially for those that don’t necessarily know how to control their emotions, if you don’t know how to control your emotions you will cause the situation to become permanent, simply because you’re unable to tap into that inner feeling that can release you from your social anxiety disorder so you cant approach others openly without hesitation. When you have this going on and you feel good, you open up to the light of the universe, social anxiety doesn’t exist, those people in your life who were very negative with you realistically hate themselves, their opinions don’t matter but when you give their opinions power you lose yours. Not having any confidence in yourself leads to this condition very easily, you must always have confidence in yourself and confidence in the people around you and uplift them as well, if you don’t have confidence in yourself you never will be able to uplift those around you, you want to remain a positive influence in the lives of others and in your own life as well. It is very difficult to navigate this world without taking a few punches, eventually somebody’s going to come around and try to knock you down, you just have to have the strength to stand up and fight for yourself, not in a physical sense but in a mental sense. Sometimes the mental punches hurt a lot more than the physical ones, realistically all the time the mental punches hurt a lot more than the physical ones especially when they come from someone that you have some sort of admiration and respect for. You always have to be ready for battle because that’s what life is a huge battlefield full of enemies and comrades, your comrades will lift you up, your enemies will knock you down. Your job is to make sure that your enemies don’t knock you down by staying strong and always keeping an incredibly loving mind frame.

My son has social anxiety disorder

"My son has social anxiety disorder" My son has social anxiety disorder. The best thing you can do for your son is be there for him, you have to make sure that he doesn’t carry this burden alone, you have to give him the support and structure that he needs. It’s very difficult to deal with something like this, you can easily suffer from a panic attack or various other side effects of anxiety, people always ask how to stop anxiety or how to control anxiety, there’s really no set formula except remove stress from your life. You must do whatever you can to remove stress from your son’s life, if your son likes to build model trains then help to get more model trains, make sure he is doing something that makes him happy, something that puts him in a positive state of mind. If your son likes to go to the movies, collect baseball cards whatever it may be make sure you introduce more of these positive things into his life, keep negative circumstances out of his life and help him avoid pitt falls that get in the way of his confidence. Social anxiety disorder is a disorder that attacks the confidence, when people are confident in themselves it’s very difficult for them to be around other people, simply because they feel like they’re going to embarrass themselves, the last thing they want to do is embarrass the person that’s introducing them to people. So it’s a huge confidence issue when it comes to social  anxiety disorder, by knowing this you can look at some of the elements of your son’s life and find out exactly why he’s not confident, could it be that he’s having trouble at school, could it be that the people around are having a negative impact on his life, or could it be that you are not being there for him. It could be a number of things but at the in of the day you have to have the confidence and the care to pay attention and assist your son through this troubling time, if you don’t assess your son through this troubling time, not only will he become worse but he’ll start to feel lonely within his own mind and within his own heart. You must be careful, you must pay attention to all the signs of social anxiety disorder, if your child is not accumulating new friends, or your child has no friends at all, these are clear-cut signs that your child is suffering from social anxiety disorder.

My partner has social anxiety disorder

"My partner has social anxiety disorder" My partner has social anxiety disorder. Prepare to deal with some very interesting situations, because your spouse is going to be incredibly uncomfortable around the majority of society, be careful because this type of situation can become very uncomfortable, when a person is in a situation where they are incredibly unconfident about their social skills that could affect the relationship. Make sure that you have the energy and the time and the patience to deal with this type of person, if you don’t have any of these then you most likely shouldn’t enter a situation like this, a situation like this can realistically cause you to lose focus and become very negative. Very concerned about people who don’t necessarily understand just how severe social anxiety disorder can be, they can have panic attacks and various other anxiety disorders as well, you have to be careful simply because that person’s negativity can start to rub off on you, once that starts to happen, you and that person can fall out with one another making the situation even more stressful. I’m always concerned about people who deal with a partner in this type of situation, patients is the only thing you cant afford not to have in a situation like this, if you don’t have patients you will never be able to deal with the person and their negative outlook on life. They say patience is a virtue it’s a true statement when your dealing with a partner that doesn’t even want to leave the house because they don’t want to interact with the outside world, you have to have patience with the person and encouraged them to take the next step in life, to go further and interact with people open up and stop being nervous or self-conscious or unconfident. Very difficult to coach a person out of a situation like this simply because they tend to be set in their ways, social anxiety disorder is a very powerful thing, you can easily cause a person to neglect or ignore others or shy away from others due to low self-esteem and self doubt. When it comes down to it if your partner has this disorder you have to be patient with them, your partner isn’t like normal people and if you intend to introduce them to your friends and family you have to be patient, in the beginning they want to meet these people especially because they don’t want to make a bad impression and make you look bad.

My girlfriend has social anxiety disorder

"My girlfriend has social anxiety disorder" My girlfriend has social anxiety disorder.  A female having social anxiety disorder is a slightly different story, they can easily get panic attacks and will require some sort of anti-anxiety treatment. Make sure to take special care when a female has social anxiety disorder, she can easily start to become self doubting or unconfident in various situations for absolutely no reason, yet you have to be patient and not necessarily take it in a negative way, because if you feed into her negativity you only make the situation worse. If your girlfriend is suffering from this condition just remember it’s nothing personal, it’s just very difficult for her to associate with others, she might be uncomfortable with your family and your friends are anyone, and  simply because she wants to make a good impression on everybody around you. If she feels like she’s making a bad impression she’ll become incredibly unconfident and start to act out, in this type of situation you need to be there as a pillar of support, the best thing you can do is take away some of that stress by putting her mind at ease in the social situations. It is very difficult for females to adapt to new areas especially if she doesn’t have anyone nearby other than you, add social anxiety disorder on top of that and you have yourself a bad situation cocktail. The best thing for you to do is to ensure her at all times that she is your number one priority, just put her mind at ease and let her know that no matter what happens you’ll always respect and care for her, realistically a person suffering from this condition needs to know, that you’re there for them always no matter what. People suffering from this condition need to know that there is no way they can embarrass themselves to the point where you would stop talking to them, by knowing this she should be able to interact with others easily because they understand that you’re not judging them. When you start to judge these people it makes their social anxiety even worse, so make sure you let the person know you’re not judging them and that you’re just here to help them, you trust them and you have faith in their ability to carry themselves the right way around anyone. By doing this you establish a relationship built on respect, and once that person knows that you respect them they will  be able to communicate clearly with others around you.

My friend has social anxiety disorder

"My friend has social anxiety disorder" My friend has social anxiety disorder. Your friend is going through a very difficult situation at this time, you want to make sure that you’re there for them in any way you possibly can be, the best way to do this is to respect their privacy and respect the fact that they don’t want to associate with other people outside of you. When a friend has social anxiety disorder they don’t necessarily want to meet new friends, so you have to put their mind at ease and associate with them so you can build their confidence up to the point where they can be around other people, but this is a little by little process you defiantly cant bring them into a few social setting like a party full of all the friends that you Know. If you do something like this to completely throw the person off, they will probably have a panic attack and then they’ll require some anxiety medication, you must make sure that you give your friend positive reinforcement, and by positive reinforcement it doesn’t mean constructive criticism, at this point your friend cant really take constructive criticism. Just ensure them that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that they are one of the best people you know, by increasing their personal confidence it’s a lot easier for them to interact with other people, you see social anxiety disorder comes from extreme stress, so therefore if you can relieve that stress from the person’s mind they wont unnecessarily worry about if they’re impressing someone or not, they will relax and have a good time. You just need to get your friends mind thinking positively again, and It can be a difficult task because people go through things and when they go through them sometimes there’s nothing you really can do to help them but encourage them to remain positive. You definitely can help them by trying to boost their confidence and depending on how well you know them you can refer to situations in which they have been incredibly socially genius, not wanting to be around other people are not being in social situations stems from a lack of confidence. You need to maintain strength and never feed into their negativity because if you do it only increase their negative view of themselves, so always avoid stress and avoid letting the person get you in a negative space.

My brother has social anxiety disorder

"My brother has social anxiety disorder" My brother has social anxiety disorder. If your brother is dealing with a huge issue like this, you need to make sure that you’re by his’s side, when going through something like this it’s very difficult for your brother to interact with others, when you bring your friends around he acts a little bit weird, it’s because he has a condition not because he’s standoffish. This is something that you have to understand, they’ll be embarrassed by the way he behaves and don’t make him feel uncomfortable because of the way he behaves, if you do this you will cause the situation to become much much worse than it already is. It is imperative that you know the social anxiety disorder can lead to a panic attack, so dealing with anxiety isn’t as easy as it sounds, the first thing you should do is get your brother a anxiety tests, by doing this you can diagnose his condition and by diagnosing his condition you can begin to get him some help. The best help for your brother is positive reinforcement, if you’re in his life make sure that he feels like he’s useful, make sure that he feels like he’s a pleasure to be around, if he feels any other way most likely the situation becomes even worse, he’s nervous around other people and therefore starts to deflect and be incredibly defensive. Social anxiety disorder is not something to be taken lightly it is an illness of the mine brought on by an extremely large amount of stress, we must make sure that we have the backs of our family and keep their minds positive. If you cant help your family then you probably won’t be able to help anybody, you should always look out for those that you grow up with that are close to you if your family is going through a situation like this you have to be there, social anxiety disorder or something that can be reversed through positive reinforcement it’s not a permanent illness that will plague the person for the rest of there life. I’m very concerned about those that are not there for their family and refuse to be around to give them that reinforcement and the positive love that they’d require, love is the number one thing it’s the most positive force in the world if you’re giving your brother truelove he will be able to get over this situation because he has an ally in his corner. At the end of the day it all comes down to him if he has the willpower to get through this, he will be fine if he doesn’t have the strength, then let him borrow some.

My boyfriend has social anxiety disorder

"My boyfriend has social anxiety disorder" My boyfriend has social anxiety disorder. This is definitely not a easy situation to be in, your boyfriend has anxiety disorders, he’s prone to a panic attack so dealing with anxiety has to be very difficult for him. The only thing he realistically can rely on is your help, if you’re not there to back him up, to make him feel better, to give him something to look forward to, so therefore you have to be his support pillar, if not he’ll just fall down through to peer stress of the situation. It is very difficult getting into a relationship and then figuring out this person has a social anxiety disorder, it’s very hard for them to deal with an associate with outside people, so when you bring your friends around this person they might have a different opinion of them simply because they’re not good at interacting with other people. They’re actually scared to interact with other people and they freak themselves out before they even meet people in the first place, this makes going out very uncomfortable, your boyfriend probably doesn’t really want to go anywhere because he is not capable of associating with other people too well, something as simple as going to the store can turn into a huge issue. You might think that this person doesn’t want to spend time with you, but realistically their just not capable of being around others for long periods of time, which can make a relationship really uncomfortable especially when you want this person to meet your family. I’ve been very concerned about my brother’s young lady, my brother has social anxiety disorder and he has become very difficult for her to deal with, because it’s such a burden I set her aside and told her, emotional support is the biggest thing that you can provide. You have to be emotionally there for that person and try to relieve some of the stress their dealing with, it’s not necessarily going to be a easy task but it’s definitely one that must be accomplished. If you’re not there to back that person up and let them know that they’re going to be all right in these social situations, they will continuously avoid other people, especially the people that you know because they don’t want to make a bad impression. People with social anxiety disorder usually went through a lot of childhood trauma and because of this there not very good at interacting with others you have to be patient with them.

How to treat social anxiety disorder symptoms

"How to treat social anxiety disorder symptoms" How to treat social anxiety disorder symptoms. By attacking this condition from the start you can help prevent further problems in the future, the last thing you want is a person to have a panic attack, so you have to learn how to deal with anxiety through anti anxiety practices. This isn’t a easy process, but it’s better to understand this condition before it gets out of hand so that you can get in front of it and take care of it before it becomes a problem in your life and the life's of others, you always must remain in a very positive state of mind without a positive state of mind the symptoms will turn to full on social anxiety disorder, once this happens it’s very difficult for you to turn back, you’ll start to build up mental blocks in your mind that you have to remove before you can go around and associate with others the way you once did. Your life is dictated by you, however you feel is how your life responds, if you feel like other people won’t like you or won’t understand you, or that other people won’t understand you, if you feel like you don’t have the conversational skills necessary to impress a person then guess what, you won’t be able to impressed that person ever. Everything is a product of your thoughts you can be a much better person if you simply just believe you are, whatever puts you in a state of joy you should always pick first, you should do things that you like and by doing things that you like it makes things a lot easier for you in a social setting, if you’re a huge video game player, it’s a lot easier to socialize with others if you invite them over and play games with them. A lot of people use this in the reverse affect and hide inside of their house and play video games why they have a microphone attached to their head talking to people overseas, invite someone over and play games and socialize, entertainment is good for the heart and the mind. You always should be concerned about people that are showing symptoms of this and make sure that you will lift them up instead of always criticizing them, if you criticize these people your only lowering their confidence and putting them in a even more depressed and negative state of mind.

Driving anxiety disorder symptoms

"Driving anxiety disorder symptoms" Driving anxiety disorder symptoms. Maybe a anxiety tests or a pamphlet on how to stop anxiety or how to control anxiety can give you a clue on the driving forces behind this horrible mental illness. It’s very difficult to deal with a anxiety disorder, you must have the ability to move past all things that have affected you earlier on in life, when these things resurface and you start to stress over small issues such as, I can’t find my keys, my coworkers might not like me, I might get robbed today, there is a whole list of things that the mind has to deal with on a daily basis. If you let these things get out of hand and get to you eventually they will lead to anxiety disorder,  Once this happens you cant stop stressing over mediocre issues that realistically don’t even affect your day-to-day life. It’s very interesting how people view anxiety disorders, they don’t necessarily believe in anxiety disorder, they think it’s just a natural human thing that most people do, but realistically those that have this problem with this habit can easily get this disorder, they continuously stress over small things and eventually it becomes something you cant control. Once something becomes an issue that you cant control, now you’re in a situation where they can begin to become worse, now you’re adding depression on top of the situation, and you might even have to deal with extreme physical defects of the body such as, cold and flu, bronchitis, and maybe even different conditions of the heart. It’s been evident that mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder and stress lead to defects of the body, whatever starts in the mind manifests itself in the world, if you’re thinking in a very negative capacity eventually that’s going to affect the world around you. Having a strong faith in whatever it is that you believe in is one of the key things to make sure that these symptoms don’t turn into something even worse. A lot of people end up in this type of situation because of a bad upbringing or being around very negative people, you should always surrounding yourself with very positive minded people, this keeps you in a position where your mind can remain unaffected by the negative thoughts of those that are going through various stressful situations and don’t know how to deal with it. It’s good to talk to these people but don’t make their problem yours.

My mom has anxiety disorder

"My mom has anxiety disorder"  My mom has anxiety disorder. You have to help your family out as much as you possibly can, when your mom is going through something like this, make sure that your by her side at all times, a mother is supposed to be the pillar of the family, if the mom is going through a situation in which she is incapable of holding down the fort it’s up to you to take responsibility. You as a child have to stand by your mother and make sure that she feels comfortable, usually when a mom is going through a situation like this it’s due to the fact that she’s either alone, or she’s going through financial difficulties, or she’s going through a crisis of age. No matter what the situation might be you have to stand by your mother and let her know that everything will be okay, the last thing you want to do is stress over irrational situations like this at her age, you have to be there for her because this stress can bring on a lot of different conditions that will affect her later on. I always try to reassure my mother that everything is okay and that I will take care of all her needs such as financial, healthcare, groceries, whatever the case may be I’ll take care of it all. You always have to be concerned about your family but your mother takes precedent over all else, you should always hold her down and make sure that she’s not dealing with a situation that is causing her fear. Make sure you spend time with your mother, watch over her, cook for her and whatever else you can do to relieve her of the stress and the pain of her everyday life, if your mom still works it also increase her anxiety and her stress as well. You have to make sure that her job isn’t the number one reason why she’s stressing so much, if so then you need to help her out by relieving that stress through financial support and encouraging her to retire. I’m always incredibly concerned about my mom and checking up on her and making sure she’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with checking up on your mother and making sure she’s in a good place. Sometimes it is necessary for your mother to retire but if she’s not necessarily ready to take that step you need to help her make the decision so that she can rest and relaxed. The last thing you want is your mom having a panic attack because of anxiety disorders, so you need to provide some anti anxiety with positive reinforcement.

My spouse has generalized anxiety disorder

"My spouse has generalized anxiety disorder" My spouse has generalized anxiety disorder. This can be a huge problem especially if you’re in a situation where you’re not financially stable, being in a non financially stable situation and dealing with a spouse that has generalized anxiety disorder can be horrible. So your spouse had a anxiety test and now you’re wondering how to stop anxiety or a panic attack, it’s not going to be a simple task, this kind of illness is based solely on stress and depression, through stress and depression a person feeds into the negative emotions and concerns of their mind. The deepest thoughts of a person become very realistic, they start to fear very irrational things like the ceiling falling on them, so things like moving or not necessarily having enough money can be horrible situations for these people to be in. You must make sure that you always support them and put their mind at ease, if you don’t have the ability to put their mind at ease and help this person become more mentally stable, they will eventually submit to their fears and probably rip your entire relationship apart. You have to be a rock you have to have the strength to stand up to their stress and your stress and absorb both of them and purify them by focusing on positive energy, without your positive thoughts this situation will only become worse as the days go by, it is very essential that you remain in control of the situation. Anxiety is a very powerful thing once a person starts to think about one outcome, it’s very difficult for the person not to think about another, the best thing for you to do is to tackle these fears head on by building up trust with your partner. Once you establish an extreme amount of trust, your partner knows that you’re capable of handling pretty much any situation, so therefore that releases a level of fear from their mind. They know you’re capable of handling almost any situation so therefore you’ll always be on top of anything that can go wrong, that’s the kind of person you have to be, a person that is incredibly strong and capable of handling almost any situation without stressing or worrying about a negative outcome. If you don’t have this quality, then being in a relationship with someone who has generalized anxiety disorder is going to be 10 times more difficult then it would be if you did possess this positive outlook on life.

My husband has anxiety disorder

"My husband has anxiety disorder" My husband has anxiety disorder. It’s going to be very difficult for you to be in a relationship with a man that has anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder. Dealing with anxiety disorder is not easy, when you’re in a relationship with a man that has anxiety disorder it can be very stressful, make sure that you realistically love your husband because his negativity can easily rub off on you. You must make sure that your mind remains positive because you are the rock of the relationship, you have to be an incredibly strong woman to hold your household together and make sure that his fears don’t crush your castle. It’s very difficult to navigate around his irrational fears so the best thing to do is hold your husband down and make him feel at ease by comforting him, your strong emotional support will give him the strength to handle the situation very easily if you’re genuine and kind. If you stress and show that his fears are starting to become yours or that you’re not necessarily strong enough to deal with this negativity, your husband will start stressing even more and eventually start to have extreme emotions towards you leaving him. Therefore you always have to show a extreme amount of support and love otherwise your husband’s anxiety will turn on your marriage and he’ll start the think you’re going to leave. That’s the last situation you want to be in so you have to make sure your always balanced, being balanced and being capable of taking on his pain will help you to grow as a person as well. Taking on another person’s pain is not easy, make sure that you really love that person before you decide to take it to this step, it’s very difficult to be around a person that looks at life in this way, don’t let their vision cloud yours. Remember that life is a beautiful thing that you should enjoy at all times, remember that you love this person you want to enjoy life with them without having to worry about the small problems, reassure them that these issues are unnecessary and that your love will get you through any situation. Through this incredibly powerful positive reinforcement you will be able to counterbalance and even out their mind, by doing this your husband will become more trusting of you and your control of the situation because he knows that you are capable of handling anything.

My wife has anxiety disorder

"My wife has anxiety disorder" My wife has anxiety disorder. A relationship is a give-and-take, it’s very difficult to be in a relationship with a person that isn’t necessarily able to shut off their doubts and fears. When you’re around someone who’s always speaking on negative situations, and always concerned about the worst possible outcome, it definitely can be a downturn to your emotional outlook on life. Because of this you have to make sure that your mind remains positive at all times, because if your mind changes to a negative frequency, eventually your wives irrational concerns will start to affect you in a negative way as well. Over time you’ll start to become a person that is very similar to her, you start to think about very stressful situations and start to look at the outcome as bleak or evident. You start to think life is predetermined so therefore you have no control over your outcome, and this is not true, you have absolutely 100% control over your future. You have to be a positive influence on your wife and make sure that you relieve her of these irrational fears, without you in her life giving her the inspiration that she needs these fears will take control of her everyday activity. You must make sure that you show her the love that she needs to feel safe so that anxiety and fear becomes second to your words, your words should ease her mind and release her of anxiety. If you’re not capable of relieving her mind and putting her fears to rest, then you need to form a closer bond with your wife, without a closer bond and without a proven track record, eventually she’s going to feed into her anxiety instead of feeding into you. Your wife always should believe in you and what you say, so therefore at the end of the day even if she has a huge amount of fear building up inside of her she knows that you will take care of everything and everything will be all right. That’s all she needs to know, at the end of the day you’ll have her back and you will make sure that everything goes well, and with that thought in the back of her head she can go throughout her day without worrying about simple irrational fears like how to stop anxiety and how to control anxiety, because she has trust in your ability to take care of the situation and make sure everything goes according to plan, she wont need anxiety medication to feel safe, she just needs you.

My spouse has anxiety disorders

"My spouse has anxiety disorders" My spouse has anxiety disorders. It’s a unfortunate situation to be in, it’s hard enough to  get along with your partner to begin with, but adding anxiety disorders to the equation makes for a horrible situation. Dealing with anxiety or social anxiety disorder in your relationship can be difficult, people effected by this illness of the mind tend to be irrational and nervous about pretty much everything. Being around them can be stressful, simple because they tend to over analyze every situation, this makes it hard for you to go out and do the simplest activities. Lets say your thinking about moving, now this is already a stressful process but adding anxiety to the mix makes things even more stressful, you just want to pack and get it over with but your spouse keeps talking about what if the new neighbor don’t like us or what if all are stuff gets broken on the way there or what if we move to a bad neighborhood and we get robbed, what if, what if, what if. This Stress applied to an already stressful situation, can definitely cause you and your spouse some problems later on down the line. At first your not necessarily paying attention to it, but as the situation starts to get worse which it will, you eventually start to notice all the little things that your spouse continuously complains about. Once things start to get more and more out of hand, it can cause a lot of heartbreak and depression and extreme stress on your end of the conversation, the last thing you need is someone that’s constantly stressing over situations that might be on the back of your mind but you’re not focusing on it because you want to remain in a positive state of mind. You have to learn how to deal with this person and help relax their anxiety, by helping them through the situation it won’t affect you so rapidly causing you to become a stressful and depressed person in the outcome.
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