The Fear Of Abandonment Separation Anxiety!!!

"anti anxiety"Some people have really bad separation anxiety, it’s very difficult for them to see someone else go whether it be willingly or unwillingly. It’s really hard especially if your mother and you have children and they decide to go with her father instead of staying with you. That level of separation will cause ah extreme amount of stress that could be fatal to a person if not kept under wraps. A person with separation anxiety needs to be watched because when someone leaves their life they go into an incredibly depressed mood and it can be life-threatening in some situations.

Your Son Has OCD!!!

"dealing with anxiety"So your son has a case of OCD, it’s not extreme like he's checking things 17 times but he is just overly clean about every single situation. At first it seems like a good thing simply because you don’t have to cleanup behind him on any occasion. But then things got out of hand because he’s cleaning pretty much most of the day and not necessarily enjoying his life or having any fun whatsoever. You start to notice that he’s more focused on cleaning his room then he is leaving it and actually going outside and enjoying the outdoors.

It’s Getting Closer O No Here It Comes, Big Truck Anxiety!!!

"anxiety disorders"Every time you drive you see those big huge trucks and you freeze up, you’re driving capabilities become impaired and you drive like a scared monkey. You can’t stand the sight of those huge 18 wheelers they look like big dinosaurs on wheels to you and you swear they can swallow your car and kill you. If you keep doing this every time you see  one you’re going to run into the truck or into another car. Either way your gonna cause a huge issue if you keep doing this, you need to focus on the road not where the trucks might be or where there coming from.

Your Anxiety Slows Your Day Down!!!

"how to control anxiety"Your anxiety gets in the way of every single activity that you have during the day, no matter what it might be your always thinking twice about every single situation. Because of this constant second-guessing yourself, you never get task done on time because you’re nervous about doing things incorrectly or that you already have done things incorrectly so you double check. By doing this over and over again your day gets slowed down completely, if you have a family this could become very inconvenient for them, over time they’ll be behind on many things because of you.

Situational Anxiety Strikes Again!!

"how to deal with anxiety"You’re not necessarily a very nervous person, but in certain situations you can be incredibly uncomfortable. Your situational anxiety is triggered in various situations that you don’t necessarily know how to deal with. Like in a situation where you and your girlfriend accidentally run into her dad and you’ve never met him before, a normal person would be nervous in this situation anyway but because you have situational anxiety this has completely paralyzed your thought process.
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