Oh no I just mention the S word, stress! Stress the most powerful force known the man. Stress can ruin your life, social anxiety disorder can turn you into an incredibly boring dull person. Stress weakens the mind and also weakens the body, because without the mind being strong, so it can tell the body when you give up and when to continue, the body is completely and utterly useless, just a giant sack of meat.
"anxiety medication"
When stress takes a hold you’re pretty much done. Anxiety puts you in a position, where you stress about every single thing no matter what it might be, no matter how small it might be your nervousness makes you stress over it, and think about it over and over again. What could go wrong, how could it go wrong, how to prevent it, what if what I do to prevent it doesn’t actually work, These questions makes the situation even worse than it was before. These small thoughts in your mind become repetitive, you repeat them in your head over and over, day by day slowly changing your paradigm to a one track mind, a mind full of stressors. Anxiety disorders causes stress, stress causes depression and can lead to a panic attack, and on top of that a whole super list of headaches. If you have anybody in your life that you care about that actually isn’t causing you stress, to keep them in your life the best thing for you to do is, to stop worrying about every single little thing and just concentrate on how that person makes you feel. Try to help that person make the best of their life, try to make that person feel the way they make you feel by not worrying about small insignificant things, and instead empowering them and yourself. There’s nothing worse than two or more people that are stressed out at the same time, it just gives stress more and more power, because you guys just increase each others stress. So the best thing for you to do, definitely is to erase anyone in your life that is in a stressful place, and isn’t willing to help themselves or you. Because that's the last thing you need, on a day-to-day basis, especially in this day and age, someone who's stressed out about a bunch of bull and wants to bring their stress down on you. So the best thing to do is to avoid these depressing people, and instead help those in your life that are not depressed the people that are positive in their ways will rub off on you. For more information please Click Here!
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