So you’ve been in a traumatic situation. Ever since you been in this big dramatic situation you’re scared of anything concerning that situation. So say you are in a traumatic car crash, now you’re unable to get in a car. Every time you think about a car you think about the crash, you think about how hurt you were, and how you thought you would lose your life in that moment. So therefore you’re unable to enter the car, your unable to get near a car, look at a car. Every time you think about going somewhere you become paranoid. Maybe you are able to drive a car, but the thought of getting on the freeway terrifies you to the point where you almost want to throw up. You’re afraid for your safety, you’re also afraid for the safety of the people around you. Even if someone else is driving, it’s still incredibly scary for you, the lack of control would make you even more uncomfortable.
"anxiety disorders"/
Your anxiety is built up to a level in which the fears become more than just a reality. The best thing for you to do is slowly little by little, face your fear. Try playing a video game that involves driving, little by little keep playing this game. After a long time of playing this game, try playing it with one of those steering wheel controllers with the gas pedal. Keep doing this until you become more and more comfortable. After that maybe go and drive some go carts, keep driving these go carts till you feel incredibly comfortable in them, drive till your actually having fun. Then after that try driving a car, but don't drive just anywhere, maybe in a parking lot. After you get comfortable driving the car in the parking lot, try to drive into town maybe just your neighborhood. Do this on a daily basis until you become familiar with it, after you become comfortable with that maybe try to drive your car to the next city. Make sure you have someone in the car with you so you feel comfortable. Then once you build up enough confidence and your over the fear, take her out to the freeway, get on and then get off on the next exit. Keep getting on and getting off of the next exit until your comfortable, then get on the freeway and get off on the third exit, and then get on the freeway drive until you get to the fourth exit. Keep doing this every day until you become comfortable enough to drive on the freeway until you reach your destination this is how to stop anxiety and a panic attack, this is the best anxiety medication. For more information on this topic please Click Here!
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