"social anxiety disorder"/
People ask me all the time, how is it dealing with someone with bipolar? How is it to be around that person 24 hours a day and deal with there constant mood change? Is it hard to keep your cool and try to help this person when it seems like the only thing they’re trying do is make you feel like crap? To answer these questions, I say one thing, It takes patience, it takes a hell of a lot of patients! To deal with someone who has bipolar disorder, you have to have an extreme amount respect and love for that person, because it’s absolutely no telling what they will say to you at any given point in time. You must practice anti anxiety meditation especially if this person likes to drink, that only intensify their disorder. They will say pretty much anything that’s on their minds, and they will get overly excited in aggressive about it, and yell and scream to the top of their lungs about situations that you find incredibly petty, and you just don’t understand where they’re coming from at all, but they’re so passionate and angry about the circumstances, that you can’t help but think they are right. Realistically most of the time, no their not right, if they cannot help our control their emotions so they take things to extreme, that’s realistically not necessary most of the time. This extreme can have an adverse effect on you, you might need anxiety medication because now you find yourself taking things to the extreme with them and yelling back and forth with them. You don’t want to sit there and just let someone yell at you any kind of way. Most likely you react in a incredibly negative way, as soon as someone comes at you with a situation that you consider to be pure bull. When dealing with anxiety and bipolar, the best thing for you to do, is just ignore them and walk away if you can. He who arguers with himself, arguers with no one. All that person wants to do is get the emotional stresses building up in them out, so most of the time they’ll use any situation to release the stress that’s building up inside of them. Just let them get it out, but they’ll have to get it out alone once you leave the situation. Go about your business and don’t feed into the negativity that only intensifies their emotional reaction. It will only make them more angry and only put them in a state of mind, to feel as if you’re the enemy, even if you’re there closest ally friend or family. For more information on this please Click Here!
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