Bipolar Disorder

I’m happy now I’m sad, now I’m angry, this is a small example of bipolar disorder. When your anxiety kicks up to a level that is beyond that of normal range such as social anxiety disorder or your having a panic attack, each situation  your in, or subject brought up becomes more unreadable, you don’t know whether to be angry about them, sad about them, or happy about it. Your emotions get mixed up in a complete jumble, making you react to situations unfavorably. This is bipolar disorder, a person that pretty much has no control over their overactive emotions which is, anger sadness and joy. One moment you’re in a situation where you’re completely reasonable person to converse with, the next moment you’re yelling at the top or your lungs and trying to fight everyone. Extreme anxiety means, your unsure of yourself so you react emotionally to almost any circumstance. Learning how to stop anxiety might be the key to victory in this situation.
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Their reactions become more unpredictable, when someone brings up a situation that concerns your anxiety, like you being very nervous about the fact that you are starting a new job, now someone brings up your new job, you flip out completely. Anxiety is taking control, you don’t know how react favorably to any situation. You become incredibly unpredictable, a emotional loose cannon. Getting feelings like this under control, is something that is far more difficult than just dealing with regular anxiety. Once your anxiety puts you in a position where, you have a slight case of bipolar disorder you definitely need some help. Like I always say you can help yourself, and the best way to do that is to take charge of your mind and what you think about. You’re your own person, when you let your thoughts get out of hand, they pretty much do what they want to, so now you mind is on autopilot. I always say once a person is on autopilot, that person doesn’t have control over their life. When you lose control of your life, you lose control of your dreams and your reality. Nothing seems real, everything seems like it wasn't your decision, everything that happens is a surprise. Your girlfriend left you, you can’t believe your family turn their back on you, you can’t believe anything because you never made any of those decisions. Your unconscious mind begins to make every single decision for you. Now you’ve lost control of your day-to-day activities, you basically turned yourself into a android. You’re a android now with a permanent program, and the only way to erase that program is by taking your mind back and placing a new program in its place, a positive one. for more information on this topic please Click Here!
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