What Is Boss Anxiety?

"how to stop anxiety"What is boss anxiety, well it’s when a person is incapable of communicating properly with their superior. Boss anxiety is when every time your superior comes around your incredibly nervous and you do not communicate with him properly, and this is very common but the only problem with this is if you have a boss that likes to take advantage of people he definitely will point you out as a victim. Most likely you will become a person that is easily manipulated into doing more work than you’re getting paid for.
You always should go the extra mile but there’s a difference between going the extra mile and being used, if your going the extra mile and you’re willing to do this work to make sure that you succeed in pushing it to the next level, when you’re being used your being pushed to a level that is unnecessary and they don’t have any intention of giving you extra benefits or ah promotion or acknowledging your work in general. Most likely your boss will also take advantage of the work you do and claim ownership to it to increase his standings with his bosses. This is the definition of being used by your boss it’s exactly why you should repress feelings of boss anxiety, they may be your superior but they are not better than you were all human. The panic attack is ah result of anxiety disorders and social anxiety disorder which can start boss anxiety.
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