The Fear Of Abandonment Separation Anxiety!!!

"anti anxiety"Some people have really bad separation anxiety, it’s very difficult for them to see someone else go whether it be willingly or unwillingly. It’s really hard especially if your mother and you have children and they decide to go with her father instead of staying with you. That level of separation will cause ah extreme amount of stress that could be fatal to a person if not kept under wraps. A person with separation anxiety needs to be watched because when someone leaves their life they go into an incredibly depressed mood and it can be life-threatening in some situations.
When a person has really bad separation anxiety and a spouse leaves it can be very frightening, their not able to deal with this any better than they were able to deal with their child leaving. If you know someone who has this take it serious it’s not a laughing matter it’s not just simply missing someone, it’s a mental disorder that must be watched closely. It’s very difficult to watch people walk out of your life but if it becomes something that’s more of a norm at a young age it can cause a huge issue later on in life. Some people have ah panic attack when dealing with anxiety this is why we need to learn how to stop anxiety.
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