Stop Worrying About Who Likes You!!

"dealing with anxiety"Stop concerning yourself with whether someone likes you or not, by always worrying about if someone has taken alike to you you never truly find a way to like yourself. That's not ah good way of dealing with anxiety and social anxiety disorder and anti anxiety. You measure how you feel about yourself depending on who likes you and who doesn’t like you instead of measuring how you feel about yourself based on you loving you. You have to have a healthy respect and love for yourself instead of worrying about various individual people liking you or not, stop trying to please everyone else or to fit into some sort of weird arrangement.
The hierarchy of the social standard is based on one person who’s at the top, this person basically is setting the stakes for everybody else, realistically that person probably isn’t even like that he is just pertaining. He just noticed that his attitude and the way that he’s approaching life has attracted a lot of attention. Because of this attention that he’s gaining he takes on the role and eventually becomes the person that he was pretending to be. Everyone else just adapts to his character so that they coincide or harmonizes with there personality therefore they can be considered cool as well, so you see there isn’t really any individuality in being so-called cool, being you is the coolest thing on the planet.
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