The Does He Know Anxiety!!!

"dealing with anxiety"As women get older they go through dramatic life experiences just like we all do, but some women go through very confidence crippling situations. For some reason when they come around the majority of men, they always have the does he know anxiety. The does he know anxiety is when a woman feels like a man knows that she’s not confident or that she’s been raped or that she's been abused. Because of this she is very shy and insecure around men, she thinks that all guys can see the weakness in her and will try to take advantage of that.
Before you even associate with a man you need to build your confidence back up and understand that it wasn’t your fault that any of these things occurred in your life. Ah lot of women say to themselves how can anyone love me when I’ve been raped, they say I’ve been in situations that have made me feel so unclean and used. They feel like no one ever truly will appreciate them for who they are, realistically almost every women I’ve ever met has been raped at some point in their life. It’s an unfortunate thing that seems to have become a norm in this new age society, but these women should never hold their heads down or feel as if it’s their fault. Anxiety medication might be needed in this type of situation it will help you learn how to deal with anxiety and how to control anxiety.
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