Confrontation Equals More Frustration

"panic attack"Confrontation causes more frustration, the more confrontation that you bring to the situation the more frustration that comes from the situation. The best thing for you to do is dodge frustration and move towards a confirmation this will help you through slight persuasion to elevate the situation. I little rhyme scheme for you in the beginning but you get the point, if you continue to add confrontation to every single situation that you’re in it only makes things worse. Maybe try to solve things with a more delicate touch, because all you’re doing is making yourself stressed in adding stress to other individuals that are within your life.
If every day you wake up with the intent to start confrontation and drama, then your life basically has no purpose or meaning, the only adrenaline rush that you get is when you start problems with others. You should get an adrenaline rush from positive events, that effect you in a positive way not because of ah negative situation. If you’re not getting your thrills from anything that makes you happy then you are heading down a very negative path and eventually this drama that you started will become stressful and uncomfortable and no longer thrilling. Once this drama becomes no longer thrilling it becomes your life, a stressful and negative life full of panic attack anxiety disorders and anxiety medication.
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