Your Anxiety Slows Your Day Down!!!

"how to control anxiety"Your anxiety gets in the way of every single activity that you have during the day, no matter what it might be your always thinking twice about every single situation. Because of this constant second-guessing yourself, you never get task done on time because you’re nervous about doing things incorrectly or that you already have done things incorrectly so you double check. By doing this over and over again your day gets slowed down completely, if you have a family this could become very inconvenient for them, over time they’ll be behind on many things because of you.
That’s why you always have to believe in yourself and believe you did everything right the first time around, it’s good to double check but quadruple checking is a little over-the-top. I like to be sure I did the job right but I’m not going to check and triple check to see if I folded the toilet paper a certain way before I leave the bathroom, that’s a little extreme. All the little activities and little things you like to do borderline on OCD, so you defiantly need to watch what it is you’re doing because I’m pretty sure you’re crossing the line between sanity and insanity. How to start dealing with anxiety
using anti anxiety methods and anxiety medication now that's the best way to deal.
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