The Pitfalls Of Addiction

"social anxiety disorder"Your anxiety can easily build up causing you to fall into a pitfall of addiction, to prove that you’re down with any movement you try any drug. If you’re in a situation where a lot of people were trying different types of drugs an your trying to prove that you’re down with the movement, you’re pretty much willing to injected or use anything. This is incredibly ignorant because now you destroy your life and your future just to prove to some individuals that you are quote on quote cool.
I just feel like there’s too many people in the world for me to be worried about impressing a few losers who want to sit around and used heavy drugs all day. So therefore in a situation like that I wouldn't be incredibly pressured to try anything out no matter who was involved. Even if I was in ah situation with incredibly successful people that were using heavy drugs and they wanted me to participate in that activity to prove that I’m down with their movement or not square I still would not try. You have to set boundaries in your life because without them you can fall into various situations that are not favorable. We need to learn how to control anxiety and how to stop anxiety with anti anxiety methods.
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