The Stress Of Crowd Anxiety!!

"how to deal with anxiety"Some people are incapable of being around large crowds of people, it makes them very uncomfortable and unsure, this is what I like to call crowd anxiety. Crowed anxiety is when ah person fears large bundles of people in one place, even though these people don’t know each other just the fact that their in ah crowd is unsettling. If a person suffers from anxiety they definitely don’t like crowds of people that interact with one another, this makes them even more nervous.
When your with a person that has crowd anxiety you have to be patient with them because they’re not very comfortable being around groups of friends at social events. It’s almost like social anxiety except they can easily converse with someone on one, they just don’t like large bundles of people together it makes them nervous and uncomfortable. I guess it’s because they can easily predict the movements and the activity of a few people but when a lot of people are together they lose control of the situation and they don’t like that. Just relax calm down and be aware but don’t be nervous and don’t be scared, if you’re in the grocery store and there’s a lot of people in there, they’re definitely not out to hurt you so relax. The anxiety test will help you to find ah good anxiety medication so you can dealing with anxiety.
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