Your Son Has OCD!!!

"dealing with anxiety"So your son has a case of OCD, it’s not extreme like he's checking things 17 times but he is just overly clean about every single situation. At first it seems like a good thing simply because you don’t have to cleanup behind him on any occasion. But then things got out of hand because he’s cleaning pretty much most of the day and not necessarily enjoying his life or having any fun whatsoever. You start to notice that he’s more focused on cleaning his room then he is leaving it and actually going outside and enjoying the outdoors.
You need to get him some help immediately otherwise his OCD may gain more control and he’ll start to redo things over and over again. His daily routine is probably wake up clean the majority of the house and then go to sleep, he doesn’t necessarily hang out with friends or do anything of semi-importance just cleaning. When you see things like this going on you definitely need to intervene immediately, his anxiety is out of control and is causing a extreme form of OCD and will become more aggressive as he gets older. I know a few people that suffer from OCD cases like this but when it starts at a young age you definitely need to get in front of it immediately. Panic attack
and anxiety disorders are hard to get over and can lead to social anxiety disorder.
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