Opposite Sex Anxiety!!!

"anti anxiety"Your pretty much incapable of talking to the opposite sex, every time you’re around the opposite sex you get nervous an jittery and you’re incapable of coming up with the proper thoughts to produce credible conversation. Because of this you come off very strange and weird and unappealing, if you don’t relax an get your thoughts together you'll never be able to interact with the opposite sex in a way that is attractive. Being nervous and letting your anxiety build up is the easiest way to repel the opposite sex, this works on both sides of the field but is more common in men.
Men seem to enter these situations with a extreme lack of confidence, because of a long line of rejection they become less confident as time goes on. Some men act out because of this new lack of confidence and attack society because they are incapable of communicating with the opposite sex correctly, some men just curl up into a ball and hide inside of a small shell. It’s not even based on looks anymore especially in this day and age it’s all based on stimulating conversation just be comfortable with who you are and enter the situation with a healthy respect for who your conversing with an yourself. Anti anxiety is the best way to learn how to control anxiety and social anxiety disorder.
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