What Is Meal Preparation Anxiety?

"anti anxiety"This is something that I noticed happens in large families, as soon as it’s dinnertime all the kids swarm into the kitchen as if the other children are going to take their portion of the food. They all run into the kitchen immediately running around with their plates with nervous looks on their faces, they think the others might get more food than them so they constantly pay attention to how the food is divided. As I said before meal anxiety is very common but you should try to stop it at an early age the last thing you want is your children fighting over food.
Let it be known that everyone will get their equal portion and equal share also let them know that family should never fight over food, they should share always. We have a responsibility to make sure that our children grow up with a feeling of, camaraderie always. We want to make sure family stay together even when we pass on we want them to continue to have family dinners and enjoy one another’s company. We never want the family to separate one another and to continuously grow larger and larger every year. Dinnertime is to be enjoyed it’s not a time to bicker about who has the biggest or smallest plate. How to stop anxiety and panic attack type situation and social anxiety disorder can be hard but you can do it.
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