Relax Your Not Drowning It’s Just Ah Shower

"how to deal with anxiety"Ah lot of people feel like they are drowning when they’re just taking a shower, when the water touches your face relaxed and calm down and remember this water can be controlled. This kind of anxiety is very common one wouldn’t think it is seeing as everyone takes a shower, but a lot of people feel uncomfortable in the shower simply because of an extremely large fear of water. These people aren’t capable of taking baths because pools of water make them uncomfortable they fear this, so when there in the shower and the water starts getting in their face they feel as if they’re being drowned.
This type of fear is unnecessary move forward and remembered you cant drown in ah shower the the only thing that can hurt you is your mind, as water can do nothing to you but clean your body if you allow it to. Try an exercise for yourself, hold your face in front of the water for a few seconds, every day extend that time period until you become comfortable with the feeling. Remember you can’t be drowned by a stream of water it’s not a pool it’s ah scream, the best thing for you to do is to relax move forward and realize that your body will be just fine. How to control anxiety is the numberone lesson to dealing with anxiety and panic attack problems.
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