The Trust You Never Had!!!

"social anxiety disorder"No matter what you can’t seem to trust anybody in your life, you have absolutely no trust for anyone that inters life whatsoever. This can be a good thing but when it becomes ah issue of anxiety it’s not such a good thing, if the only reason why you’re not trusting new people is because of paranoia, then that is unhealthy. Being incredibly paranoid about every single situation and every person that inters your life isn’t a good thing.
It’s good to keep your eye on people and not to be too trusting but never be paranoid, paranoia leads to a lot of other things like fear stress and depression. I always say I keep one eye on all my friends and everybody that’s close to me, the second that I start to stress means I’m starting to get paranoid and unnecessarily judging people for no reason. I know you’ve been through a lot in your life and you feel like no one is trustworthy this might be true but don’t let that determine how you feel or how you behave, the fact that no one is trustworthy shouldn’t make you depressed and it shouldn’t stress you out. Shake it off and move forward and eventually you will find real friends. social anxiety disorder is horrible when your dealing with anxiety you need learn how to stop anxiety as soon as possible.
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