It’s Getting Closer O No Here It Comes, Big Truck Anxiety!!!

"anxiety disorders"Every time you drive you see those big huge trucks and you freeze up, you’re driving capabilities become impaired and you drive like a scared monkey. You can’t stand the sight of those huge 18 wheelers they look like big dinosaurs on wheels to you and you swear they can swallow your car and kill you. If you keep doing this every time you see  one you’re going to run into the truck or into another car. Either way your gonna cause a huge issue if you keep doing this, you need to focus on the road not where the trucks might be or where there coming from.
You defiantly watch out for huge trucks but it shouldn’t consume your entire driving focus simply because you’re completely afraid of them. This is incredibly unsafe and unhealthy, this is how people start building up a fear of driving in general first it starts with the big trucks then it gets worse. That’s why you need to try to find a way to take care of this right now otherwise you probably won’t be able to drive at all because of fear and anxiety. It’s amazing how we over exaggerate various outcomes in our minds, we really should think twice before we start with these fantasy scenarios. Dealing with anxiety requires a lot of anti anxiety that's the best formula when learning how to stop anxiety.
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