You Got So Nervous Then You Ran!!

"social anxiety disorder" You got into a situation you became nervous and you ran, now most of you are thinking, maybe it was a confrontational situation? But it wasn’t a confrontational situation, a friend invited you out to an event, your social anxiety kicked in, you were no longer able to be at the event so you pretty much ran from it. Now that’s incredibly embarrassing for your friend but because he respects you and likes you he chased after you and tried to bring you back to the event, at this moment you have a choice.
You’re either going to go back into the event and face your fear and move forward or your going to keep running from it and eventually reach the age of 40 or 50 years old and have no friends in your life whatsoever. It’s really all about the decision that you make at that exact moment, and a lot of people that have social anxiety disorder wind up in this situation, you ether begin to face your fear and move forward or you step backwards and let your fear control who you are and what you do. Social anxiety is something that no one in this day and age should be afraid of simply because of all the social networking that we have in place it seems like socializing is our way of life. If you don't learn how to start dealing with anxiety you'll never learn how to stop anxiety with anti anxiety choices.
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