The Shy Defense Code!

"how to control anxiety"Most people are incredibly shy because they don’t know how to interact with others without getting attacked. But their definition of attack means slight little jokes here there, and because they have absolutely no defense against these jokes they don’t like to be around other people because they’re incredibly sensitive. Now the shy defense isn’t telling you to be a very defensive person, this defense is being able to come back at people when they try to throw sharp remarks at you, you have to poses the confidence to be able to go back and forth with somebody in a playful way, they’ll respect you much more for it.
To build up this confidence you need to have a healthy respect for yourself and what you do and how you carry yourself. If you come off as a very confident person most likely they wont test you in the first place, but if they do at least you know you can hold your own. Being able to stand up against slight quips and clever jokes is a easy way to fit into a circle, especially nowadays when everybody’s constantly joking with each other and it’s getting a little bit more personal. So the best defense against shyness is to have a strong offense so therefore when someone attacks, you can come back but not to the point where you hurt their feelings they won’t like that. How to control anxiety is ah great question a anxiety test would help to determine if your vulnerable panic attack.
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