The Shadow Of Anxiety

"how to stop anxiety"This is when your in ah situation where you don’t like to be around your older sibling or a friend of yours in crowds, simply because they gain all the attention and you feel as if you’re in their shadow. They have a very enlightening personality and they seem to stand out in various situations and you don’t want them stealing your shine from you, so you don’t like to be around them when you’re with your friends or meeting new people. Your anxiety starts to kick in if they tell you that they’re going to be in the same building or party that you’re going to and because you know there’s a likelihood they might meet your friends.
These people are not trying to take your friends from you but for some reason you feel as if they are, their interesting personality intimidates you an because of this your very nervous when they come around people you know. This is a very childish behavior and you should appreciate the fact that you have a sibling with the capability of impressing people so easily. You should use this to your advantage it shouldn’t be something that causes you an issue our problem, you should appreciate the fact that you have someone in your life with such positivity. Social anxiety disorder is hard by itself dealing with anxiety requires knowing how to stop anxiety.
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