The Imagination Of Ah Loser

"anxiety disorders" The imagination of a loser is a complex universe in which everything is full of obstacles. Because a loser is incapable of imagining the outcome of his life ending up in a good position without putting millions of obstacles in front of his way, he is unable to achieve anything. The imagination of the loser doesn’t see the dream, it sees everything that’s blocking the dream, every excuse that he can make for why he hasn’t achieved the dream.
This is the all powerful negative imagination of a loser, they never see the end result they only see endless obstacles within their path some not even real. It’s just the minds way of making up excuses why they haven’t reached the top, or why you don’t aim for your goals in any way shape or form. The only person that they’re fooling is yourself because society knows better everyone has the same 24 hours it all depends on what you do with it that’s all. Is not about being born with this or born with that it’s about utilizing your 24 hours to the best of your abilities and the imagination of a loser doesn’t do this. You must be vigilant of your world and take nothing for granted because nothing should be handed to anyone. You have to know how to deal with anxiety without taking anxiety medication or ah anxiety test.
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