The Prime Example Of Pride!!

"anxiety disorders"Pride is a very powerful thing if you use it to your advantage but it can be a weakening factor if you use it all the time. Having pride in one’s work and pride in one’s family is a great thing but having too much pride in oneself can be debilitating. Having too much pride in oneself can weaken your development causing you to fall behind the times and not necessarily move forward in life. Having too much pride and your believes can be the number one reason why you never learn anything new in life and never grow and become stuck in your ways at a early age.
To much pride in something you own can also be a debilitating factor in your life, you could have extreme pride in your car and don’t know when to let it go and sink too much money in it putting yourself in ah financially uncomfortable position. You have to know when to let go. If you have too much pride in your relationships but you don’t find them exciting or for feeling and everyone else is telling you to leave most likely you’ll stay just because they’re to prideful you to leave. This kind of mentality can hurt you and more importantly hurt the people around you. Social anxiety disorder can be ah factory but anxiety test can help with dealing with anxiety.
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