The Power Of Electric Anxiety!!!

"anxiety test"What is electric anxiety? It’s when ah person is afraid of anything that has to do with electricity whether it be a socket in the wall or lightning and thunder outside. It doesn’t  matter what it might be this person is incredibly afraid of electricity and being shocked, a common everyday electrostatic shock makes this person incredibly uncomfortable. They hate static electricity and anything that has to do with ah thunderstorm, when ah thunderstorm is happening they are incredibly afraid not because of the loud noises but because they think that they’re going to get shocked.
The fear of getting hit with electricity makes them incredibly uncomfortable so they react to situations in a very unnecessary matter. They don’t know how to deal with any type of failing electronics especially around the socket or in the wall, if they see ah spark come from a socket in the wall they immediately panic beyond panicking. The best way to get through this is to realize that we have harnessed electricity we have complete control over it as long as you’re responsible it can’t harm you. Just be smart about the way you use electricity keep your electronics away from water and make sure that you don’t have too many sockets plugged into a wall especially if it’s an old socket or an old device. We need to learn how to deal with anxiety by using anti anxiety methods that's how to stop anxiety.
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