Do You Hate Him or You?

"panic attack" Do you dislike everything about this person or is it that this person reminds you of every single aspect of yourself. And seeing as you might not like yourself this person reminds you of you, see you hate him because you hate you. This is an interesting scenario to be in unrealistically a lot of people out there don’t like themselves because they’ve been through traumatic events or because of ah horrible upbringing or lack of resources. It doesn’t matter what the situation might be you simply hate this person because he reminds you of all the negative aspects of yourself.
So maybe you need to take another look at yourself because everything about yourself you don’t like is everything about his self you don’t like. You keep focusing and saying negative and disrespectful thing’s about yourself, that is not cool you need to change your perspective on life, make sure you get your money right before you have ah panic attack because social anxiety disorder is not fun, anxiety disorders can ruin you. There are no excuses at the end of the day you need to help this person and help yourself because you both are just like everybody else’s so relax and realize that there is something you can do about this it’s called believing.
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