Situational Anxiety Strikes Again!!

"how to deal with anxiety"You’re not necessarily a very nervous person, but in certain situations you can be incredibly uncomfortable. Your situational anxiety is triggered in various situations that you don’t necessarily know how to deal with. Like in a situation where you and your girlfriend accidentally run into her dad and you’ve never met him before, a normal person would be nervous in this situation anyway but because you have situational anxiety this has completely paralyzed your thought process.
You begin to say all the wrong things that make absently no since whatsoever and make a horrible impression. You need to learn how to deal with these situations and try to take your mind out of them so that you can use it to your advantage. Your over thinking and because of that your brain cant come up with an answer to the simplest questions, even a situation like being put on the spot at your job your completely unable to deal with it because of your situational anxiety strikes and now you’re stuck on a simple question. Anytime people put you in the forefront where others are paying attention you immediately breakdown, you’re unable to communicate properly in certain situations because your way to nervous. You just need to relax and realize that these people are just human, just like you so calm down. How to deal with anxiety and panic attack type situations is hard but you have to take anxiety disorders head on.
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