Sibling Rivalry Or Anxiety?

"how to stop anxiety"Are you trying to compete with your sibling because of their accomplishments, or is it because you think your parents will never love you as much as they love him. A lot of the times it may seem like your kids are  competing with each other because they just want to be the best, but realistically there just competing for your respect and your love. They just want to impress you this isn’t a personal thing between the child and his brother this incorporates you as well as a parent. We have to watch out for this and be aware that the child might be trying to overachieve simply because they want to compete for your affection.
As a good parent you have to assure this child you love him and his brother equally there’s no need to push himself to this limit just to gain your respect and love. Siblings should never compete with each other they should love one another and always side with each other in every situation, we must encourage camaraderie amongst our children. If our children turn against each other it will only mean the separation of the family, we want to make sure that the family always gets together and always loves each other even when you’re not here. How to control anxiety and anxiety disorders is a hard task when you don't have anti anxiety method.
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