Ablutophobia The Fear Of Bathing

"anxiety medication"I cover this topic previously but I was talking about the fear of the shower in your face because it produces a feeling of drowning in some individuals, but this is a different story. Ablutophobia Is a person who has an actual fear of bathing, it either comes from a childhood experience, a dramatic event that happened to a friend or family member, or watching a scary movie at a early age. Some people watch movies where victims get attacked in the shower and start to have a permanent fear, this could spark Ablutophobia.
When you’re dealing with someone who has this issue it’s very difficult to associate with them, being around someone who is unclean 24 hours a day can be an uncomfortable experience. The best way to get this person to start showering again is through subtle introduction of bathing habits. First things first, you probably should try to get them to wash essential areas, get a hot rag with some soap and get them to wipe under their underarms and wash their face and upper body and privates. After you get them in this routine try to get them to take a bath not ah shower, but a bath, after the introduction to the bath then you can slowly move them towards the shower but make sure you stay in the bathroom with them. Dealing with anxiety like this can be difficult a anxiety test would defiantly help you decide what kind of anxiety medication you need.
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