The Power Of Virtual Anxiety!!!!

"dealing with anxiety"This version of anxiety is when a person builds up a large amount of stress due to playing video games or being involved in a social network. Either you’re playing video games and your continuously losing over and over again causing you to stress out completely and act irrational towards your family members. Or you’re on a social network an your getting into some strange situations and conversations that are causing you an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. No matter which one of these is present we should try to avoid them, it’s bad enough dealing with real stress in reality but having to deal with virtual stress is another problem.
We don’t have to subject ourselves to these situations because we can easily delete virtual anxiety if only we can delete real life anxiety. I know a lot of people who get to involve in social networks and start becoming very stressed and have relapse symptoms when they haven't use them for a long period of time. I also know people who have video game addictions and get very stressed and angry when they start to lose to the point where they are throwing things and cursing at people. We have enough stress on our lives we don’t need to add more into it on purpose it’s unnecessary. The panic attack is something anxiety medication works for and a anxiety test will determine what you need.
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