The Diaries Of Regrets!!!

"dealing with anxiety" The diaries of regrets are pages written in stone by the dead who regret pretty much every decision that they made during their life on this planet. If you leave nothing behind but negativity you leave no legacy behind whatsoever. When you start dealing with anxiety you'll learn how to stop anxiety with anti anxiety methods ] Your family will forget your existence and eventually move forward in time erasing you from their memory and from the memories of future generations. Negative people are individuals that others do not want to remember so they tried to erase them from time unless their impact of negativity was extreme such as Hitler’s impact on history.
But if you were just an incredibly negative individual with no actual epic impact on the world then best believe your existence will be removed from the minds of your predecessors. The only way you actually will be remembered is if you made an incredibly large amount of money, they will value it always and thank you for the money you made but always will hate you for the way you treated them. It’s an incredibly difficult subject to discuss but realistically the diaries of regrets are endless, dead men tell no tales but if they could they would write enough text to fill the world with words.
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