What Is Intellectual Anxiety?

"dealing with anxiety"Intellectual anxiety is when ah person is afraid to join the conversation because of lack of knowledge or fear of embarrassment. Your not versed on a large number of topics so when people are having a conversation you fear joining in because you don’t want to sound or look ignorant. Therefore you most likely stay out of the majority of conversations you like to remain on the sidelines among people and if they asked for your opinion you simply pass the torch to someone else.
This is a sure fire way to make sure that you get pasted up in your place of employment, always have strong and well-versed opinions when necessary. Gain the knowledge that you need to gain so that you can participate in various conversations that might benefit you in the future, you should never be shy especially if you have the knowledge but are afraid you’ll deliver it the wrong way. A lot of people with intellectual anxiety are actually incredibly smart but just afraid to socialize with others because they don’t want to sound geeky or weird. Don’t worry about that just be you and participate in the conversation and provide the necessary information that you feel is fact, it will help you in your standings and the social environment. Anti anxiety is how to stop anxiety and anxiety medication is ah great way to help.
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