What Is Disorganized Anxiety?

"anxiety test"Disorganized anxiety is when ah person is incapable of putting things in the right place, they’re always scrambling for what it is they want, they become very nervous because they can’t find things in time. These people are unable to organizing anything they are completely scatterbrained and all over the place all the time. Because of this they stress about every single situation because of the disconnect with their own schedule and life. If you’re not able to relax and calm down and organize your world so that everything is accessible to you, small things pile up and turn into huge things instantly.
If you don’t know where every single object that affects your day is located, then you’re going to have an issue. You don’t know where your keys are, your makeup, your ID passed for work, drivers license, registration, or even something as simple as the remote eventually it’s going to cause a problem with your day. These issues slow you down your room becomes crowded with a bunch of stuff you cant even recognize nor organized in any way shape or fashion. This disorganized type lifestyle has a toll on your personality and the way you behave in public. You need to find a way to put everything where it needs to be and get rid of the things that are useless to you. How to deal with anxiety and dealing with anxiety are to different things when facing anxiety disorders.
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